New Brink DLC detailed

More maps and gear on the way

Bethesda has announced details of some new DLC that they will be releasing for Splash Damage's new shooter Brink.

The new pack is called the Agents of Change and includes new maps, character abilities, weapon attachements and additional character outfits as well as raising the level-cap to 24.

The new maps include the spire of Ark's Founder's Tower and the top secret R and D facilities in the Lab map. The new abilities include the UAV ability for Operatives which allows marking of nearby enemies on radar and even detonating the UAV near unsuspecting opponents, the Napalm Grenade for Soldiers and Pyro Mine for Engineers both of which are pretty self-explanatory, the Field Regen Unit for Medics which is a mobile healing unit to be placed some where handy on the battlefield and the Tactical Scanner which is available to all classes which reveals your enemies active buffs making for a more strategic approach to battles.

The additional weapon attachments are the ever-useful Bayonet and Weapon Shields for that added bit of protection from incoming fire. The character outfits on offer the are the Sad Punk, a Steampunk take on the Resistance fighter and The Limey, a European police flavoured outfit for the Security forces.

All this will be available for Brink players on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 some time in June.

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