Bungie has promising a big announcement on July 7th

July 7th is now Bungie Day

After much hype and speculation Bungie are promising a big announcement in July foregoing the chance to appear at this year's E3.

Last year Bungie signed a 10-year publishing deal with Activision on a brand new IP that they have been working on after parting ways with the Microsoft and the Halo series upon completion of Halo: Reach.

Bungie's Eric Osborne wrote on Bungie's blog: "A significant amount of my time is also now being dedicated to other upcoming endeavors that wont make a splash on the front page until Bungie Day [July 7] closes in around us. Unfortunately, that means there are just too many balls in the air for me to juggle without letting a few fall to the ground. More explicit details about those balls in the weeks ahead."

It is widely believed that their new title is an epic action MMO and Activision must have a lot of faith in the concept in order to tie the developer down for a decade.

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