Japanese developers consider downloadable games beneath them says Inafune

Rockstar attitude hloding back Japanese developers

Mega Man creator Kenji Inafune has continued his criticism of the state of Japanese games development by pointing out their ephite attitude towards downloadable games.

The former head of research and development at Capcom explained that the rockstar attitude that Japanese game creators have has caused them to think that downloadable titles are beneath them.

Inafune explained: "I think that one of the issues is that creators, the top-notch high-profile game creators, don't seem to want to do digital download titles because they're an afterthought, like it's below them. The real 'rockstar' Japanese game creators are only going to do more expensive packaged products and a lot of times, even if the idea internally is to do a complimentary digital download game that goes with a packaged product, it's kind of a hassle to try and spend some of your team and resources on a digital download when you want to keep them focused all on the main project at hand."

He continued: "So it ends up being delayed or it becomes an afterthought; it's a self-fulfilling prophecy almost. Additionally, that's going to mean that consumers aren't really into those games because the high-profile people aren't usually making them. On top of that, because that's one of the issues, a lot of times digital games will not sell in Japan and therefore the sales teams in Japan tend to not put a lot of energy and time to pushing them and marketing them the right way."

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