City Interactive promises a big showing from Sniper 2 at E3

City insists they can play with the big boys

City Interactive is hoping to assert themselves in the military shooter genre with their new CryEngine 3 powered title Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior.

The European publisher/developer is hoping that the work they are putting in on Sniper 2 will allow them to show that they can play with the big boys like Call of Duty and Battlefield and they believe that this year's E3 will be crucial to them demonstrating that.

PR and marketing boss at City Interactive, Jon Goddard said: "What we are showing can compete with other titles from much bigger and more established publishers."

He added: "We havent shown anything of Sniper 2 and the ambition with this game is even greater than the first. Obviously, buying in CryEngine 3 is a big part of that. Going out and buying a cutting-edge engine shows our ambition."

Thanks MCV.

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