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Ubisoft confirm Brothers in Arms

New WWII shooter revealed by Ubisoft...

First it was War Story, then Baker's Dozen, and now, finally, publisher Ubisoft have put us out of our misery by confirming Gearbox's new WWII action title: Brothers in Arms. Ubisoft clearly hope the new title will spark something of a new franchise, a la Call of Duty and Medal of Honour, and have revealed that the new title is based on a true story.

Gearbox's spiffing-looking opus is due out on consoles and the PC this winter, and promises a brand new take on squad-based gameplay coupled with rich levels of realism. The first screenshots enforce this authenticity, too. Gearbox's aim is simple, enthuses the press release, to create "the most realistic and authentic WWII shooter ever." Like Eidos' Shellshock Vietnam game, Gearbox plan on replicating the true horrors of war through gritty and uncensored action based on real-life accounts.

With this authenticity in mind, Brothers in Arms puts the player in charge of Sgt. Matt Baker, a D-Day paratrooper squad leader. As Baker you will have to balance the safety of your squad with the importance of the mission, as you fight the German's in war-ravaged Normandy, which has been lovingly recreated using real-life reconnaissance photographs, army pictures and anecdotal accounts.

"Ubisoft's proven know-how publishing realistic, tactical shooters make an ideal partnership with Gearbox as we create this new franchise," enthused Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox. "With years of research and game design innovation supporting this title, gamers should be ready for an authentic story, a fresh game play design and the ultimate WWII combat experience."

The game also promises fluid skill-levels which adapt to the player's ability, and a new 'command and control' system which promises to make even the most taxing combat situations accessible. More on this fascinating new title as we get it.

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