Dead or Alive: Dimensions pulled in Scandinavia

Dead or Alive series continues to cause as stir

Tecmo's 3DS brawler Dead or Alive: Dimensions has been controversially cancelled in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.

The game has been pulled from release in the Nordic regions due to a potential violation of child pornography laws.

The game's Figure Mode allows characters to be photographed from any angle and as this includes Kasumi, Koroke and Ayane, all characters who are under the age of 18, this potentially put minors in a pornographic situation violates Swedish law as a result.

Nintendo of Europe stated: "Nintendo of Europe have decided not to release the game in Sweden, for various reasons. However, they do not want to list any details regarding their decision. We are sorry for how this impacts the Swedish fans of Dead or Alive. Thankfully, it's extremely unusual that these things happen."

Thanks Eurogamer.

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