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Origin Pack arrives for Dust 514

Two exclusive dropsuits come as part of the pack

CCP has launched a new pack of gear for their EVE Online tie-in shooter on the PS3, Dust 514.

The Origin Pack includes two exclusive Origin dropsuits and a stack of weaponry and gear to enhance any player's clone on the battlefield. The pack includes 20 of each item giving a few battles worth of gear for Dust 514 mercenaries. Also included in the Origin Pack is a three-day Active Skill Booster so players can make the most of their exclusive new gear.

Origin Pack arrives for Dust 514

The full pack contents are as follows:

  • Origin Assault C-1 Dropsuit [PSN Exclusive!]
  • Origin Logistics M-1 Dropsuit [PSN Exclusive!]
  • Blindfire Assault Rifle
  • Slashvent Submachine Gun
  • Tsunami Mass Driver
  • Husk AV Grenade
  • Haze locus Grenade
  • Eclipse Active Scanner
  • Terminus Drop Uplink
  • Torrent Nanohive
  • Cannibal Nanite Injector
  • Kinesis Basic Shield Extender
  • Synapse Basic Shield Recharger
  • Pathogen Basic Codebreaker
  • Shaft Basic Shield Regulator
  • Nacre Basic Reactive Plates
  • Abatis Basic Ferroscale Plates
  • Goliath Basic Armor Plates
  • 3-day Active Skill Booster

The Origin Pack is available now on the PlayStation Store for 3.99 GBP/4.99 EUR/USD.

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