2K Games preparing an MMO from one of their major franchises

It's Asia-only at the moment though

2K Games has announced a partnership with Korean studio XLGAMES to produce an MMO based on one of their big franchises.

What franchise they will be working on is unclear and, right now, the new MMO is only destined for Asian markets but 2K are confident that this will be a big title for them.

Their confidence is founded in the fact that XLGAMES is headed by Lineage and The Three Kingdoms creator Jake Song and the incredible amount of experience that he has in creating hit MMOs.

Song elaborated: "This is a great partnership between XLGAMES and 2K. We have already been working together for a year on the game, and I can tell you this is one of the most exciting projects that I've ever undertaken. I cannot wait to launch this collaboration, which illustrates our shared development talent and passion to create cutting-edge entertainment experiences."

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