Outdated security software to blame the PSN breach?

Sony may still have a lot more to answer for...

New reports have indicated that Sony had been using out-of-date security software for PSN and that is how the hackers found their way onto the servers.

According to German magazine Computer Bild, who claims to have been supplied scan logs by Anonymous detailing Sony's PSN security setup, Sony were using severely outdated security protocols.

Bild explained: "In some cases, the software versions had security holes that had been documented on the internet for years. For example, the OpenSSH 4.4 service was used to encrypt data communication. The current version is 5.7, however. The version used by Sony has security holes that had already been known for five years."

The magazine described the security measures as "obsolete" and branded Sony as negligent over projecting its customers' data.

Sony has had their plans to return PSN services in Japan put on hold by the Japanese governments over doubts about the new security measures that they have put in place and may face similar problems in Australia.

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