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Rumours abound as to what will be in Microsoft's E3 show

Kinect Sports 2 is a high probablility

Kinect seems to be making up a big part of Microsoft's E3 press conference this year, as it did last year alongside the timed-exclusive deal for Call of Duty DLC and the new slim Xbox 360.

This year as well as vague rumours of a revealing of a successor to the Xbox 360 more concrete rumours suggest that Microsoft will unveil numerous new Kinect titles including the Christmas-bound Kinect Sports 2.

Also on the menu will be a handful of reported core titles for Kinect which may of may not include the core shooter supposedly being worked on at Microsoft's Vancouver studio as well as an open world Forza title separate from the upcoming Kinect enabled Forza 4.

Dance Central 2, while not being all that much of a surprise, is also on the cards along with the return of Terminal Reality's mystery Star Wars Kinect title which is sure to induce much "vwining". SEGA is also reportedly working on a core title for Kinect although this has not been suggested as making an E3 appearance.

Thanks Eurogamer via MCV.

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