THQ hopes that Saints Row: The Third will fill the GTA void this Christmas

Farrell hopes that GTA's absence will mean big sales for next Saints Row title

With the notable absence of a Grand Theft Auto title on the release schedules this year THQ is hoping that their latest Saints Row title will ease gamers' open-world criminal itch.

THQ's boss Brian Farrell has been extolling the virtues of their Saints Row series and stated that with not GTA in sight Saints Row: The Third has an excellent opportunity to gain ground on Rockstar's legendary series.

Farrell began: "Over the last several years the [GTA and Saints Row] franchises have gone in totally different directions. I think to real gamers who love the Open World games, they buy both. I respect what Rockstar does with GTA, I love the last game, but compare that to Saints Row and the over the top, in your face, wacky humor, lots of stuff going on, irreverence, tongue in cheek. It's really just positioned very differently, and so we think the opportunity is when you look at the competitive set this fall... Yeah theres a couple of big shooters but after that, given the pent up demand we think there is for Saints Row, and that type of game, we think its an awesome opportunity."

He added: "Anybody that loves a great open world action game is going to love Saints Row: The Third. No question about that. But, again, I think theres room in our industry now. Weve grown up so much. Im just not sure its an either or equation. I think youre going to find both games in a lot of gamers' portfolios."

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