Sony begins to return PSN services in Europe and the US

PS3 and PSP gamers finally get back online

From today PS3 and PSP users will be able to access the PlayStation Network again following the attacks which brought the service down in mid-April.

As Sony has been suggesting for some time now, this will be a phased return of services beginning today in Europe and North America with the online gaming on PS3 and PSP, PlayStation Home, Qriocity subscription services for current subscribers and third party services such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm.

This begins with a mandatory security update to the PS3 firmware which will automatically come up as soon as you sign back in to PSN. Once the update has installed you will be able to log back into PSN and change your password. One of the main new security features is that password information can only be changed either on the PS3 that you activated your PSN account on or through the email confirmation on a PC or Mac. This will mean that anyone who has upgraded from the old PS3s to the new slim models or had their PS3s replaced due to a fault will have to use email confirmation to change their PSN passwords but it is a small price to pay for the increased security.

In a short video statement Sony executive deputy president Kaz Hirai offered his sincerest apologies for the outage and thanked all those still with a PS3 for their patience explaining that they will be detailing their "Welcome back" packs very soon as well as offering free identity theft insurance in territories where such services are available.

Thanks VG247.

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