Valve not planning a Source Engine 2

Portal developer has a different plan for their engine

Valve has admitted that they have no current plans to enter Source in the licensed game engine race alongside the likes of CryEngine 3, Unreal Engine and Unity.

The Half-Life and Portal developer insists that they will not be releasing a Source Engine 2 for license, instead relying on smaller incremental improvements to the Source engine code which as resulted in a steady and impressive improvement from Half-Life 2, through the Left 4 Dead series to Portal 2 in what their engine is capable of.

President of Valve, Gabe Newell said: There are lot of advantages on iterating on a mature and stable and shipped codebase, as opposed to starting over again. I think, when you see a game like DOTA 2, youll see how developers can get a lot more out of Source than most companies can get from a scratch-built engine.

He added: I think that incremental updates model has worked really well for us. Does that mean well reach some architectural tipping-point where well need to change? No. I mean, if Larrabee [Intels promising GPU that was cancelled as a consumer device] had shipped that would have probably necessitated some fairly dramatic changes in order to take advantage of it. But, so far weve been able to keep the engine moving ahead, robustly. I mean, I think it looks great.

Thanks Develop Online.

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