First proper Sony communication to PSN partners came yesterday

PSN developers finally get the full story from Sony

It has been revealed that Sony had not sent any proper communication to its development partners that produce content for PSN until yesterday.

One development source has leaked the letter that marks their first proper communication with development partners on the PSN security breach since the incident took place in mid-April.

The letter outlined how the breach was discovered indicating that they had discovered that several PSN servers had spontaneously rebooted and were seeing unscheduled activity on April 19th, mobilised an internal team to investigate the breach and immediately shut down the servers to halt the attack.

They had informed customers that the breach had taken place on either the 16th or 17th of April so it appears that it took them nearly three days to figure out something was wrong. However, Sony are still adamant that there is no evidence that and credit card details were stolen during the breach.

The full text of the developer communication can be read through on IndustryGamers.

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