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Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa to be sold on Steam

Retail funding should allow the game to be the very best that it can be

Project leader on the Black Mesa team, Carlos Montero has revealed that they will be selling Black Mesa on Steam as well as releasing a free version of the game.

Montero explained in a post on the project's forums that they will be selling the game in order to finance full access to the Source Engine in order to build an even better experience.

He began, “We never developed Black Mesa with money in mind. Our team is made up of average, hard-working people, and no one joined the team to make money. For us, Black Mesa is purely a labor of love. We believe this philosophy has significantly contributed to the overall quality and feel of the game.” Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa to be sold on Steam

“Our decision to sell Black Mesa rests on two key points,” Montero stated. “One is we believe we can make the game even better by having full access to the Source engine. This lets us tackle and fix limitations instead of working around them. The second is because frankly, our team could really use the financial help.”

The release is still some way off though as they have been spending the best part of the last year porting the game into the new engine and fixing all of the bugs associated with the move.

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