Social gaming headed for a fall says Dyack

Dycak predicts the social gaming bubble will burst, badly

Outspoke Silicon Knights boss, Denis Dyack has been consulting his crystal ball on the future of social gaming and seems to think that the outlook is not good.

Dyack explained that he believes that the social gaming market will see a monumental crash at some point and branded the amounts of investments being lavished on companies like Zynga as very dangerous.

He began: "It is damaging traditional gaming for sure but... how it's going to work out is anyone's guess. The trend that I see is it's probably going to be one of the biggest bubbles and explosions that our industry's seen in a long time and I think when it crashes it's going to crash very hard. I don't think there's an economy there."

On the highly rated Farmville developer Zynga he added: "I don't know about Zynga I think that's a big micro, but I think that the amount of venture that's being poured in, in general, that's most of the video game industry investment. As far as I know right now, it's going into pure social gaming. It looks like marketing to me. It doesn't look like real gaming. And maybe it'll change, I don't know. It looks very, very dangerous. I think Zynga's valuated more than some traditional publishers right now that have been in the industry for decades. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. It seems imaginary to me... it doesn't look long term healthy to me."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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