Valve: Delay was the best thing for Portal 2

Staff and game both gained from the delayPor

Valve has explained their reasons behind the delayed release of Portal 2 stating that it was in the best interests of both the game and the development team.

Portal 2 project leader, Josh Weier revealed that they had had the developer's interests foremost in their minds all the way through the creation of Portal 2 with even studio head Gabe Newell fully supporting the delayed release.

Weier explained: "[Newell] was actually the biggest supporter for the delay. Newell was asking about what we wanted to do with the extra time, and he said there was no data to suggest a delay was going to hurt us, and that in fact all the stuff we said we wanted to do for the game made it sound like it was going to be really good."

As it happens the delay worked out very nicely with Portal 2 receiving glowing reviews including a tasty 97 percent from us and shooting to top spot in the sales charts in the UK for launch week.

Thanks Develop Online.

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