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MS plan next Xbox HDD 'player'?

Drunken rumours of Xbox 'iPod killer' surface online...

Whilst the gaming press continues to deliberate over whether Microsoft will or won't include a hard-disk in their next iteration of the Xbox hardware, the weekend's juiciest rumour has to be that a HDD peripheral will in fact be sold separately by Redmond, and will double as an ultra-sleek portable entertainment player too. And let's be honest, that would be ace.

This rumour apparently emerged from a snowboarder who enjoyed a heavy drinking session with Microsoft's J Allard before reporting his revelations to tech site, who immediately published the speculation. More exciting still is the price tag of $100 reportedly touted by Allard, who stated the firm would sell the upgrade at a loss making it an 'iPod killer'. Quite whether game developers will warm to the idea of an HDD available only as an upgrade, or whether the Xbox 2's much rumoured flash-based storage will suffice anyway, remains to be seen. We do hope this idle gossip turns into reality, however. Though a Microsoft spokesman did tell GameSpot that this was definitely a rumour at this stage. Source: GameSpot.

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