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Rift gets 7-day trial and recommend a friend schemes

Nice rewards coming for signing up friends

Trion has announced two new schemes to encourage more people to play their, already very popular new MMO, Rift.

MMO fans new to Rift will get the chance to give the game a try for seven days for free to get a feel for it and even carry their characters on when they upgrade to the full game.

Also, for existing Rift gamers, the new Ascend-a-Friend programme offers the chance to get some tasty digital rewards to recommending friends to play Rift.

Recommend one friend that takes on the full game and receive a loyal and brave pet dog called Courage. If two friends take on the full game you'll receive a Trailblazer Hat to show off your status. For three friends you secure the impressive flaming Swift Ember Steed mount for your character.

Executive producer on Rift, Scott Hartsman said: "Since launching just over two months ago, RIFT has dramatically disrupted the online gaming landscape, giving players the most massive, dynamic, and engaging MMO experience currently available. With the Free Trial and Ascend-a-Friend programs, were opening the floodgates, inviting all into this amazing world to experience what gamers around the world already know that Telara is the new destination for serious MMO players."

You can sign up for a seven-day free trial of Rift at the game's official website.

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