Capcom initially rejected Dead Rising and Lost Planet

Inafune had them made anyway

Former head of Capcom's research and development, Kenji Inafune has made some insightful revelations on the inner workings of the Resident Evil and Street Fighter publisher.

Inafune has revealed that Capcom, who are traditionally highly risk-aversed, originally rejected the prototypes of two of their biggest new franchises, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

Although management rejected both pitches, Inafune risked his job and continued development on both games which have now become major successes with the original titles in each series selling in excess of 2 million copies.

Although Lost Planet 2 didn't do so well Dead Rising 2 is still going strong with Capcom releasing a re-telling of the Fortune City story from the eyes of Frank West later this year.

Thanks Andriasang.

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