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EA denies having new Microsoft console dev kits

Wake up and smell the NDA

EA has acted to quash rumours that suggested that they have development kits for a brand new next generation of Microsoft console hardware.

VP of communications at EA Jeff Brown has categorically denied the leak that appeared yesterday via Develop stating: "This story is a total fabrication 100 percent not true."

The rumours quickly prompted speculation that Microsoft were planning a reveal for new hardware at E3 next month. With the source also claiming that the new console has improved support for Kinect and Microsoft promising much more new announcements related to Kinect at E3 the reveal is an outside possibility.

Despite the denial Develop's source is adamant that the publishing giant does have kits for new Microsoft hardware. True or not, EA will be legally required to deny all knowledge of the development kits as they will have signed a non-disclosure agreement before taking possession of the new hardware.

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