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War Story rumours gather pace

Gearbox tease us with clues

Reports currently emerging from several quarters reveal that the latest title from PC-Halo conversion developer Gearbox will be unveiled upon the firm's fifth-anniversary come April 17th. The new title is widely believed to be called War Story, and a number of teaser images and quotes adorning www.warstory.net seem to add credibility to the suggestion that the new title is a WWII game. There's even an image looking rather like an in-game screenshot on the site.

The remaining two slots on the site appear to be counting down to something, possibly 'D-Day', though whether this is when we'll learn more about 'War Story' remains to be seen. The cinematic war-game inspiration Gearbox have drawn on for their latest is also evident from the Band of Brother's imagery used, so perhaps a Call of Duty / Medal of Honour style affair is the order of the day. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more details on this opus.

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