Japan receives new Xbox bundle

Highly competitive...

Word from Tokyo today informs us that Microsoft have revealed plans for a second 'Platinum pack' bundle in the territory. The Xbox Platinum Pack 2 will cost 19,950 Yen ($188), and incorporates a console, two controllers, a DVD kit, Halo, Crimson Skies and two-months free Xbox Live access. Those utilising the Xbox Live service offers will also benefit from a variety of free 'gifts', though quite what they are is unknown.

"With a price of 19,950 yen, this is an ideal package for beginners which lets them enjoy games both online and offline," reads the official press release confirming the bundle. Microsoft will be hoping this new initiative can help boost ailing sales of the console in Japan, where it remains far behind both the PS2 and GameCube.

Quite whether this will be enough persuade Japanese gamers to part with their hard earned Yen remains to be seen, indeed part of the problem still seems to be that the Xbox lacks a 'killer app' catering to Japanese gaming tastes, which differ wildly from both Europe and North America.

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