Fallout: New Vegas DLC detailed and dated

Next pack due mid May

Bethesda has released details of the next three packs of DLC to be released for Fallout: New Vegas including when to expect them.

Beginning on the 17th of May on the PC and Xbox 360 and May the 18th on PS3, Honest Hearts takes Fallout fans to the untouched land of Utah's Zion National Park and into a battle between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man.

Old World Blues accidentally casts you as a lab rat in the middle of experiments in the Big Empty as a faction attempts to use you to combat a bigger threat. Do you join forces with them and fight the bigger threat or do you use the kidnappers' technology against them to make your escape? This will arrive in June.

Finally, July will see the release of Lonesome Road, which promises to reveal more about the mysterious Platinum Chip which saw you left for dead in a shallow grave at the beginning of the game. You are contacted by the Ulysses, the original courier asked to carry the Platinum Chip to New Vegas who promises to tell you why he refused the job in the end, if you do a job for him first.

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