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Two new Civ V expansions coming in May

It's the Vikings' turn to crash the Civ V party

2K Games and Firaxis have announced that they will be making two more expansions for Civilization V available to buy from the beginning of May.

The civilisation and scenario pack Denmark: The Vikings and the Explorer's Map Pack will both be released through selected digital distributors on May the 3rd which is next week for Civilization fans eager for more.

The Denmark: The Vikings pack introduces the brutal race of Norse warriors that terrorized norther Europe for hundreds of years marauding from the sea in their unmistakable longboats. It adds the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny campaign which sees four factions, including the Vikings battle for control of the British Isles. It also introduces Harald Bluetooth, who historically was the King of Denmark from 956AD till his death in 986AD as a faction leader.

The Explorer's Map Pack includes ten single-player map packs, five based on real world locations chosen for historical interest and five scripted environments which will change from game to game, giving single player fans the chance to extend their empire-building skills in new and exciting places.

Both packs will cost 2.99 GBP.

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