Obsidian to cut staff?

Individual staff announce their departures via Twitter

According to new reports, Fallout: New Vegas and Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian have been forced to make some staff redundant.

Several key members of staff at the firm have announced on their Twitter accounts either that they have been made redundant or that they have survived a recent staff cull.

Lead designer Akil Hooper, an 11-year Obsidian veteran said: "11 years, nearly a dozen shipped titles, Designer, Lead, Producer. 1 cancelled game, survived 7 layoffs, 8th got me. Not a bad track record."

QA tester Ashley Betters was also unlucky saying: "No longer work at Obsidian. I guess this means I will have to start buying my own pens."

It has been rumoured that producer Tess Treadwell and designer Sydney Wolfram have also been axed in the most recent round of redundancies.

Justin Reynard, a coder, survived the cut but said: "Today marks my 3 year anniversary working at Obsidian Entertainment. To my coworkers (and sadly the ones weve lost) you guys are amazing."

There is no official word from Obsidian on the job losses as yet.

Thanks VG247.

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