Epic: 99 cents games are killing the industry

Capps agrees with Iwata on cheap mobile games

Epic president Mike Capps has raised serious criticism of the culture of 99 cents games for sale on mobile platforms like the iPhone.

Capps explained that the 99 cents apps were making it harder for developers to convince consumers to stump up 60 USD for a triple-A title when they can pick up 60 iPhone games for the same price.

He explained that they are essentially devaluing the games industry by flooding the market with what Nintendo president Satoru Iwata called in his keynote to the GDC at the beginning of the year cheap and sometimes valueless titles.

Capps said: "If there's anything that's killing [the retail games business] it's dollar apps. How do you sell someone a 60 USD game that's really worth it? People are used to paying 99 cents."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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