Bethesda: One big title's failure won't sink us

Fallout publisher insulated against a big flop

Bethesda's Pete Hines has said that, unlike other publishers, they aren't betting the farm on the success of their big franchises.

Hines explained to that they are more than capable of surviving should one of their big IPs fail at retail.

He began: "It would be wholly irresponsible for us to build towards a company that released three or four big games a year and then have our well being fall apart if any one of those doesn't do well."

He added: "That would be poor management on our part. So obviously we expect big things and we're planning big things, but we haven't mortgaged our future such that the next game that comes out has to hit certain numbers or else we're in big trouble. We've been built smarter and better than that."

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