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Battlestar Galactica hits 1 million players

1 million bashing Cylons in just six weeks

Bigpoint's free-to-play MMO, Battlestar Galactica has seen some very impressive sign-up figures in the first six weeks since its launch.

While the game is still technically in open beta, since it went live six weeks ago it has attracted one million players.

The MMO is based on the recent gritty TV reworking of the series rather than the original 1970s Battlestar Galactica and is Bigpoint's biggest release to date.

Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz said: "There is always a risk when you translate a well-known IP into another medium. We built what we believed was a recipe for success; a fantastic gaming experience inspired by an iconic show, with the added benefit of being a free-to-play title. We are grateful to the fans for their support and interest in this game, and pledge to continue to improve and optimize the game."

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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