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Secret canned Rockstar 360 game appears

Mods vs rockers game never saw the light of day

Details have emerged of a secret game that Rockstar Toronto had in development for the Xbox 360.

The game, provisionally titled We Are The Mods, began its life as a spiritual successor to the PS2 game The Warriors based on the cult 70s film.

We Are The Mods seems to have been influenced by another 70s cult film, Quadrophenia. The main action was set to feature around the battle between the 1960s mods and rockers gangs.

The information on the game came courtesy of former Rockstar artist, Matt Kazan who explained: "The project had begun as a PlayStation 2 spiritual follow-up to the earlier hit 'The Warriors', but part way through the development cycle Rockstar New York asked us to switch Mods from a Sixth Generation to a Seventh Generation development, changing from the PlayStation 2 to the Xbox 360 as the primary development platform. Much of the content here reflects that change, with Mods being the first Seventh Generation project the team had worked on. It was a learning experience for everyone involved. The game was similar in design and style to "The Warriors" but set in 1960's England at the height of the "Mods" vs. "Rockers" era."

Thanks CVG.

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