Fraud added to the list of charges in Activision vs EA and West and Zampella

Acti could lose the rights to the Modern Warfare name if the case goes sour

The plot thickens in the legal war between Activision and Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella.

In the latest twist in the tale, West and Zampella have added fraud to the list of charges in their counter-suit against Activision.

The new charges allege that Activision engaged in secret development of products related to both Modern Warfare and Call of Duty without the knowledge of the former Infinity Ward bosses.

The additional charge reads: "While paying lip-service to West's and Zampella's creative authority, in 2008 and thereafter, Activision began secret development of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty games and related products, and undertook other conduct in relation to these two videogame franchises that, under the MOU [Memorandum of Understanding], required prior approval from West and Zampella."

It adds: "Activision did not inform West or Zampella of such plans or seek their input or approval for them. Indeed, while breaching the creative authority provisions of the MOU, Activision continued to pay lip-service to them, in an attempt to mask its secret development efforts."

If West and Zampella come out on top of this battle it may be the case that Activision may need to cede part ownership of the Modern Warfare name to the former IW bosses as part of the settlement.

Thanks GameSpot.

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