Big year begins for Electronic Arts

Portal 2 kicks off a very promising year for EA

As April begins so does the new financial year and, for EA this brings their biggest year yet.

After closing out the year publishing Crytek's superb Crysis 2, Ea are set to keep on going by distributing Valve's eagerly awaited Portal 2 towards the middle of this month.

Come the end of the month Darkspore arrives offering Maxis' take on the Diablo-esque dungeon crawler. Next up, after a break till June is the Grasshopper and Shinji Mikami collaboration Shadows of the Damned melding Resident Evil-style horror with Suda 51's unique quirks.

This is followed by the return of American McGee's dark take on Lewis Carroll in Alice: Madness Returns. The summer is filled with the usual sports suspects except possibly Madden, which may be hit by the player strikes hanging over the NFL for next season.

With FIFA, NHL and NCAA out of the way it will be time for EA to wheel out their aces in the hole. November sees the arrival of the mouth-watering Battlefield 3 and the Commander Shepard's final showdown with the Reapers in Mass Effect 3.

also due some time in this fiscal period are the reboot of adrenaline-fuelled snowboarding series SSX and Bioware's colossal MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This should be an exciting year for fans of EA games.

Thanks VG247.

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