Max Payne 3 details wash up

Rockstar brings Max back out into the open

Concrete details on the elusive and often delayed Max Payne 3 have finally appeared.

The tortured ex-NYPD man stars on the front of this month's Edge magazine in which Rockstar sheds some light the return of New York's unluckiest son.

With Remedy leaving the series to work on Alan Wake, the game was taken over by Rockstar Vancouver but has grown in scope to encompass contributions from Rockstar studios in London, Toronto and New England.

Max Payne 3 sees us join Max as he begins a new life as a private security consultant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time out the game will offer the kind of graphical detail and cinematic immersion that we saw with Rockstar San Diego's Red Dead Redemption.

The game also marks the return of the original voice actor for Max, James McCafferty, who also dons the motion capture suit this time as well.

Thanks CVG.

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