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Silicon Knights says poor support from Epic harmed Too Human development

Too Human studio sues Epic over licensing fees

Canadian developer, Silicon Knights has hit out at Epic over what they called poor support of the Unreal Engine licenses.

The studio, headed by outspoken developer Denis Dyack has filed a law suit against Epic accusing the Unreal Engine studio of withholding an improved iteration of the engine while using the licence fees to fund development on Gears of War.

Dyack said: "When Epic first went public about our case to the press, they said that our claims were without merit. Two separate federal court judges have now disagreed with Epic, and have ruled that the case does have merit."

He added: "Silicon Knights has always wanted to have our focus be on making great games, not litigation. This ruling will allow us to have our day in court, before a jury, and to shine the light publicly on Epic's conduct. We are very confident the jury will see the truth behind Epic's actions,"

In addition court documents unearthed by Kotaku suggest that Silicon Knights may have a case.

The state clearly: "Epic had a possible motive to deceive SK into entering into the License Agreement in order to fund the development costs of its own games and delay the work of SK and other competing licensees on their video games. There is also Epic's admission in its counterclaim that it developed the [Unreal Engine 3] in conjunction with the development of its own game as part of its 'synergistic model' and not separately as it had led SK to believe. SK cites t[w]o internal emails from Epic's officers instructing programmers that 'Gears [of War] comes first, so if you have any Gears tasks, drop work in the main branch and finish Gears tasks."

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