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Oil and ice powers appear in InFamous 2

Sidekicks allow Cole a bit of variety in his attacks

Sucker Punch has revealed that Cole will be able to expand his powers beyond the manipulation of electricity in InFamous 2.

Cole will be joined by two sidekicks, Kuo and Nix who represent the ordered and chaotic side of his personality.

Each one has special powers of their own. Kuo can manipulate the cold and ice whereas Nix has "demonic" powers that manifest themselves as oil powers.

Our electrically charged hero can borrow a power from either sidekick but in doing so the other is locked out in a similar way to the good powers being locked out when you upgraded the evil powers in the first game.

InFamous 2 will be out on PS3 on the June the 7th in the US and June 10th in the UK.

Thanks MTV Multiplayer.

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