Second Grand Theft Auto V casting call unearthed?

New GTA game seems even more probable

Another casting call has appeared with characters that would definitely be at home in any GTA game.

The casting call is looking for five characters, four male and one female, but the ad does not give any more information about what the casting call is for other than the character synopses.

Matthew is a liberal young man who believes in a Republican conspiracy to undermine America. Jose is a man in his thirties who thinks that technology is poisoning the wilderness.James Pedeaston is a man-boy love activist who has just been released from an Indonesian prison. Samantha, the only female mentioned is a twenty-something girl who is obsessed with sex parties and dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Finally Anthony is a young teenager who is fighting for the right of young boys to get liquored up and have sex.

James Pedeaston frequently featured on the WCTR radio station in GTA IV which would indicate that this casting call is definitely for a new GTA title.

Thanks Ripten.

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