Gearbox: Duke Nukem delay is for the best

The game would not have done the fans justice in May

Gearbox Software has promised that the new delay on Duke Nukem Forever is definitely not just a stunt.

Randy Pitchford, the boss at Gearbox explained that although they believed that it would be ready when they announced the original May release date it became evident that the game would be better if they took another month over it.

He told Eurogamer: "No trick - we believed May when we announced it. There is always uncertainty and we use experience and trends to help us be predictive. We are not perfect when it comes to predicting uncertain outcomes, but we are perfect at being committed to our goals and working relentlessly towards them."

"I think we may have been able to force May, but we think that would've introduced risks that would not have served gamers who have waited as long as we have to finally play Duke Nukem Forever," Pitchford added apologetically.

Duke Nukem Forever will not be released on June the 10th in Europe and June the 14th in the US for Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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