Guitar Hero III still strutting its stuff as highest grossing game in the US

Cancelled series still holding its position at the top

The zenith title for the now cancelled Guitar Hero series has beaten its popular Call of Duty stablemates to retain its position as the highest-grossing game in the US.

Guitar Hero III has retained the top spot in NPDs latest chart grossing over 830 million USD. It edged out Call of Duty: Black Ops by almost 43 million USD.

Wii Fit separates Black Ops in second place and Modern Warfare 2 in fourth with just under 75 million USD between the last two Call of Duty titles.

Activision dominated the charts with three Call of Duty titles (MW in 10th, MW2 and Black Ops) and two Guitar Hero games (III and World Tour). Nintendo took a further four places with Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Play and Mario Kart Wii and the final spot was taken by Harmonix Rock Band which held fifth place overall grossing 670 million USD.


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