Blizzard: Forget Titan, Diablo III is a bigger threat to World of Warcraft

RPG dungeon crawler will speak to WoW fans

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce has drawn attention to the next game that may take players away from World of Warcraft.

Pearce told Gamasutra that Diablo III represents a much more present threat to the player numbers on WoW, much more than Titan, their new MMO project.

He said "It's hard to say. I think even a shorter-term concern is whether or not we might see cannibalisation of WoW players from Diablo III when we launch it, because it's a similar type of experience. Not exactly similar, but it's that RPG feel."

Pearce added: "For us, I think it's really important that we recognize that somewhere, sometime it's likely that someone is going to cannibalise World of Warcraft players. So it's better we cannibalise them ourselves than let someone else do that, because if we cannibalise them ourselves, they're still a Blizzard customer."

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