Bethesda refutes Fallout: New Vegas DLC rumours

Details to come soon

Bethesda has given a response to the information we received regarding names and release dates for upcoming DLC for Fallout: new Vegas.

According to reliable information we had received from a reputable retail source the next two packs of DLC are called Honest Hearts and Old World Bones and were set for release on Xbox Live on March the 22nd and April the 26th.

Since we broke this story Bethesda has published a response to the news stating that information it contains is incorrect.

Their statement to Game Informer said: "The info in that story is not correct. We will be letting people know the plan for upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLCs in the next couple of weeks."

We have reached out to Bethesda for a bit of clarity on the matter and will let you know as soon as we have more.

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