iPad 2 developed with games in mind

Early tests show the new tablet's graphical prowess

Early tests have indicated that Apple has put a lot of effort into making the iPad 2 a much more games-friendly device.

Tap Tap Revenge developer Guy English has had a chance to put the new iPad 2 through its paces and graphically the new device seems much more robust than the original iPad.

The original iPad experienced framerate drops from 65 fps to 45 fps with just 200 sprites on screen in English's tests. The new iPad 2's framerate doesn't drop below 60 fps until it is displaying over 750 sprites on screen.

The tests confirm the early assertions that the graphical processing power of the iPad 2 is far in excess of the iPad with some indicating that it could be as much as nine times more powerful.

English said: "The iPad 2 is easily about twice as powerful as the original and that this speed gain is a freebie - you don't need to change your code structure to see significant gains. The original iPad had a comparatively weak fill-rate which was an issue for the device. The second generation really leaves that behind and it looks like it'll be able to do some really incredible things graphically. My demo code is workmanlike, competent code - meant to measure the relative strengths of the parts of the system. Taking some time to get the most out of that GPU and CPU will pay off with some really remarkable games and graphics apps."

The processing power of the new iPad 2 combined with the UK release date coinciding with the release Nintendo's 3DS are clear indications that Apple has serious gaming aspirations with the new device.

Thanks Daring Fireball.

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