Sony relying on developer feedback to help design the NGP

Sony takes a leaf out of their own book from the PSOne days

The boss of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has been explaining their new approach for developing the NGP hardware.

Yoshida said that Sony were going back to the approach that helped them make the PSOne such a success in the mid-to-late nineties by taking on board as much developer feedback as possible.

He explained: "The NGP development team visited many developers and publishers globally with an early prototype of the hardware to get direct feedback. I also personally joined some of the meetings to discuss various aspects of NGP and the options we were looking at. The input of other developers outside of Worldwide Studios has been essential for us to make final decisions on NGP."

Yoshida continued: "As a result of this, we went through many iterations of NGP. It reminded me of the early days of the original PlayStation, when we visited many developers and publishers to get feedback during the development of that product. It's almost as if SCE has gone back to basics, which should be a good thing,"

Sony is planning to have the NGP out worldwide by the end of the year by which time it will have a real name. We'll hit you with more information as soon as we have it.

Thanks PlayStation Blog.

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