Subs create better experiences than free-to-play says Blizzard

WoW has the edge in contenrt over free-to-play games

Blizzard has been defending the standard subscription model for MMOs in the face of a growing free-to-play market.

COO of the World of Warcraft developer, Paul Sams explained to VentureBeat that subscriptions work better for Blizzard because they allow them to create more complex and engaging experiences than free-to-play games can offer.

Sams began: "As it relates to free to play, I do think that is an interesting business model. But it is not going to allow those companies to create the type of complexity and experience that a subscription-based title like World of Warcraft can have. The fact of the matter is, the companies that make high-quality games have to have monetary backing and they have to be able to generate revenue that covers the costs of initial and ongoing development."

He added: "The free-to-play games serve an important role. Like the theme parks that compete with Disneyland. You can go see all of those experiences, and then you will come and do it all with us. We are going to create the most immersive experience and the most engaging, deep experiences. That is because we can put a big budget behind our efforts that the free-to-play games can't match."

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