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Double Dragon strikes back on the iPhone

iPhone retro revival continues

Arcade and NES classic brawler double Dragon has made its proud return via the iOS platform.

Mobile developer Brizio Interactive has redrawn the art and remixed the games music to updated the feel of the title for the iPhone as well as adding in a few modernisations.

These include new attacks, enemies, bosses and hidden characters to unlock. There's also a host of achievements to be unlocked as the game goes on.

The game also uses a new combos system which, coupled with the software controller, will have players facing down a mob of corrupt thugs with ease. For the more sociable Double Dragon fans there's also a Bluetooth multiplayer mode allowing players to team up as Billy and Jimmy and take down the Black Warriors together and save Marian.

Double Dragon is out now on the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS version 4.1 or later, for a special limited time price of 3.99 USD or 2.39 GBP.

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