FBI wants to tap Xbox Live

New tapping powers could be introduced stateside

American intelligence agency the FBI has applied to the FCC for a change in legislation that will require all ISPs to create a 'back-door' in their network via which the Bureau can monitor all communications taking place over their services. If the new rules are backed by the FCC, then services like Xbox Live, MSN Communicator and of course other voice-over-IP services will also be forced to comply with the agency's wire-tapping demands.

Under the ruling, new ISPs will have to offer access immediately, whilst already existing services will have fifteen months to comply. "The importance and the urgency of this task cannot be overstated," states the 85-page proposal submitted. "The ability of federal, state and local law enforcement to carry out critical electronic surveillance is being compromised today."

It seems the FCC are likely to back this enforcement, as part of the wider 'war' on terrorism currently high on the political agenda stateside. This ruling may also pave the way for similar changes to the rules in other nations too, who feel their national interest could best be served by the closer monitoring of internet communications. More as we get it.

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