Iwata fears the industry is drowning in Android and iOS apps

Nintendo boss stresses the need for quality over quantity

In his keynote speech to this year's GDC in San Francisco Nintendo president Satoru Iwata chose to voice his concerns over the volume of games being produced for iOS, Android and social platforms like Facebook.

Iwata said that "games development is drowning" and that quality content was being swamped by thousands of smaller more disposable titles.

In what was clearly a warning shot at his handheld competitors he said: "It gives me concern. These platforms have no motivation to maintain the value of the gaming. Quantity is how they profit. The value of software does not matter to them."

His answer was to stress that Nintendo were continuing to place their emphasis on high-quality content for their games. He continued: "Content is king. But will that still be the case moving forward? Is maintaining high-quality games a top priority, or not? Without content, there is no industry. We really want consumers to appreciate the premium value of content. What we make is valuable, and we should protect that value."


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