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Nintendo plans for the DS at E3

Cube 2 could feature at E3 as well...

We already knew that the new Nintendo DS would be fully revealed by the Japanese firm at E3 next month, what we hadn't heard for certain was whether it will be playable: it will, and what it'll finally be called: not the 'DS' - we're reliably informed.

The release date and pricing of the 'DS' gaming device will also be revealed by the gaming behemoth, we're told, and the new name may well be 'Nitro' - if internet rumours can be believed. Which they can't, unfortunately. Of course, we already know that the DS will be far more than just another gaming platform, as comments from Ninty's Reggie Fils-Aime to CNN Money, admit the company are targeting "early adopters who are looking for more complex gameplay and the gamer who has a little more money to spend."

"The gamer needs to see it, to see the games, to see the full functionality of the machine. ... That's why we're reticent to give details until we can show it," added Fils-Aime on the doubt many have concerning the DS. "If I was a gamer and I only saw bits and pieces of a platform, I'd be sceptical too."

Nintendo's new console, the successor to the GameCube, will also influence Nintendo's showing in some form, though Nintendo's Vice President would not confirm what kind of presentation would be made on the new device - a general chin-wag confirming it's existence or a full unveiling of specs, dates, etc., though we don't think the latter too likely. "Comment on this will come from the highest levels," enthused Fils-Aime mysteriously. "The focus and commitment we have on this will be shown at E3."

All in all, Nintendo's E3 showcase could well be its heftiest in years, with the DS and Cube 2 conjecture, perhaps adding to already high interest in the company's outstanding portfolio of first-party titles which will also be plugged en masse at the show. Thanks to CNN Money's Game Over column for the quotes and some of the details we've learnt.

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