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Polynesians DLC pack out now for Civilization V

Time to fight over a Pacific paradise

2K Games announced today, the release of the latest pack of downloadable content for Civilization V.

The Polynesian pack adds the Polynesian Civilisation, a whole new scenario - Paradise Found and the legendary Polynesian ruler Kamehameha.

In Paradise Found players will take control of one of the four main Polynesian civilizations in a bid to unite all the islands of Polynesia.

2K have also released a new free Multiplayer Map Pack which adds three new multiplayer environments for Civilization fans to battle over - Skirmish, a small map tailored specifically for one-on-one play; Ring, a map where players are flanked by enemies and finally Ancient Lake, a map set around an inland sea that hides a secret.

Both packs are available on Steam with the Multiplayer Map Pack automatically downloading when Steam boots up and the Polynesian Map Pack will set you back 2.99 GBP.

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