LA Noire pre-order bonuses revealed

Extra cases and suits available for pre-orders

Rockstar has revealed the pre-order bonuses that will be available for LA Noire when it arrives this summer.

Those pre-ordering the game at GameStop in Canada and the US and GAME in the UK will be treated to The Naked City Vice Case and The Badge Pursuit Challenge. In the Naked City players will help Detective Phelps uncover the truth behind the death of a stunning fashion model. The Badge Pursuit Challenge scatters 20 police badges around LA and Cole will be rewarded with the Button Man Suit for finding them all which adds extra room for ammo. Cole also gains extra XP for every five badges collected which can be exchanged for valuable insights into his cases.

If you're picking up the game at Amazon you will get access to the Broderick Suit which will improve your fist-fighting abilities and your resilience to melee damage which is always handy for a film noire detective.

Wal-Mart and purchasers will get access to the Slip Of The Tongue Case in which a seemingly routine car theft uncovers a car fraud racket.

Finally, those picking up the game at Best Buy and Zavvi will get access to the Sharpshooter Suit which improves Cole's abilities with pistols and rifles.

LA Noire arrives in the UK in May the 16th on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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