Levine: First-person offers a more child-like play experience

BioShock creator speaks on the power of first-person perspective

Irrational Games' boss Ken Levine has been talking about game design choices and why he favours the use of first person perspective.

Levine explained that for him the first person perspective is more than just about immersion, it's about recreating a more childish play experience.

Speaking in an interview with IndustryGamers Levine said: "I think it's obviously, for me, the most direct way to engage. It's one less barrier to the experience. It's a strange thing to be in someone else's shoes. It's something we do very naturally as children, but it's something that is much more difficult for adults. I think that games gives us enough of a nudge in the right direction to have that childhood experience of play."

He added: "Not just play from a fun standpoint, but transposing your identity onto somebody else's, and that is something so powerful when you are a kid. You just lose that as an adult because you get so self-conscience. Games sort of allow us to break through that layer to let us go back to that space of play, which I think is really powerful."

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